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Ajcon's research recommends good IPOs for investing and all provides you an e-application to apply for investing in an IPO.

Important considerations before investing in an IPO
Before investing or trading an IPO, its useful to do your research about the company. Here are some questions to ask before investing:
1. How much is the IPO valued?
There are some important factors that determine the price of shares offered in an IPO. Those include the companys annual revenues and its general financial performance, the number of stocks issued, and the companys business model. The potential growth rate could be another factor to consider. There is always the risk that an IPO could be overvalued.
2. What risks are involved?
Investors must make sure that they understand the risks involved in an IPO, such as for example that the listing could be highly volatile. IPO shares could sometimes be riskier than established stocks because of the unpredictability of the listing or market volatility. Another potential risk could be that investors might not be allotted shares in the first place if an IPO is oversubscribed.
3. Do you have sufficient information about the company?
What is the true value of the company and how much does the hype surrounding its name affect your decision to invest? An IPO could be the opportunity to get involved in a hopefully growing business, but you should first do your own research/refer to market research and decide if this is a good investment.