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May 10


Monthly Newsletter – July, 2021July 01, 2021 Unlock in various states improving sentiments; advisable to remain stock specific..Download Monthly Newsletter – June, 2021June 02, 2021 Buoyancy continues at Dalal Street led by significant decline of COVID-19 cases in second wave, strong Q4FY21 results posted by Companies; stock specific action to continue in smallcaps and midcaps…Download […]
Jan 15

Ajmera in Media

Mr. Ashok Ajmera in PRINT MEDIA The Economic Times Premium Brands 2017 An investment banker from Mumbai, Ashok Ajmera recently flew from Mumbai to Delhi in a private jet with Amitabh Bachchan, talking shop and sharing a meal with him. The reason for the privilege – Ajmera took part in a unique auction by […]
Nov 19

Weekly Review

Dr. Ashok Ajmera (FCA), CMD & CEO Dr. Ashok Ajmera’s column on July 17, 2021, Smallcaps and midcaps continue to rally; Q1FY22 earnings season has started on a good note….Download Dr. Ashok Ajmera (FCA), CMD & CEO Dr. Ashok Ajmera’s column on July 03, 2021, Smallcaps outperform during the week; advisable to remain stock specific…Download […]
May 10

Ajmera’s Profile

Mr. Annuj Ajmera ———- Dr. Ashok Ajmera ———- Mr. Ankit Ajmera Dr. Ashok AjmeraCMD Dr. Ashok Ajmera, FCA aged 63, a well known Chartered Accountant (1977) and a capital market expert. He has garnered a rare expertise in the entire gamut of financial services, gained from a wealth of experience of over 35 years. Mr. […]