Diet Update Patch 18062011
Client Update Patch 18062011
Team viewer Setup
Java 7 Update 9 (New Version)
Internet Explorer 7 Windows XP
Internet Explorer 9 Windows
Modification / Additional Details of Segments

Internal Control Policy
Investor Grievance Policy
Online Code Change Policy for Trade on NSE, BSE, MCXSX
Policy for Insider Trading
Policy for PMLA
Account Opening Form – WITHOUT DP
Account Opening Form – WITH DP
Account Opening Form – COMMODITY
Policy for Pre-Funded Instrument
Policy for Surveillance
Policy on Dissemination of Market Related Information
Policy Regarding Inactive or Dormant Account
Client Registration Documents in Vernacular Languages

Account Closure Form – Trading
Account Modification Form – Trading
Annexure-3.1-Account Modification-Deletion Request Form (Demat)
Annexure-3.2-Nomination Form
Annexure-4.1-Dematerialisation Request Form
Annexure-4.2-Transposition Request Form
Annexure-7.1-Transmission Request Form (Death of sole holder)
Annexure-7.2-Transmission Request Form (Death of one of the joint holders)
Annexure-9.1-Rematerialisation Request Form
Annexure-10.1-Account Closure Request Form (Demat)