Diet Update Patch 18062011
Client Update Patch 18062011
Team viewer Setup
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Internet Explorer 9 Windows
Modification / Additional Details of Segments

Master Risk Management Policy
Internal Control Policy
Investor Grievance Policy
Online Code Change Policy for Trade on NSE, BSE, MCXSX
Policy for Insider Trading
Policy for PMLA
Account Opening Form – WITHOUT DP
Account Opening Form – WITH DP
Account Opening Form – COMMODITY
Policy for Pre-Funded Instrument
Policy for Surveillance
Policy on Dissemination of Market Related Information
Policy Regarding Inactive or Dormant Account
Client Registration Documents in Vernacular Languages

Account Closure Form – Trading
Account Modification Form – Trading
Annexure-3.1-Account Modification-Deletion Request Form (Demat)
Annexure-3.2-Nomination Form
Annexure-4.1-Dematerialisation Request Form
Annexure-4.2-Transposition Request Form
Annexure-7.1-Transmission Request Form (Death of sole holder)
Annexure-7.2-Transmission Request Form (Death of one of the joint holders)
Annexure-9.1-Rematerialisation Request Form
Annexure-10.1-Account Closure Request Form (Demat)